We have built this platform using the best "Open Source" technology we could find. The website is optimised for modern web browsers and should adjust to fit the screen of any mobile device. If the device you are using is a "feature" phone, we recommend you get at least a "smart" phone with the latest web browsers, or if you have access to a tablet or desktop computer, you may find the experience even better.
Depending on area of interest; the interested institution can give comments on a Bill affecting them or partner with Mzalendo to prepare a memoranda on the same.
At the moment you have to visit the platform to find out what is new. We hope to add the ability to send newsletters and push notifications at a later date.
All issues raised will be considered but at the discretion of Mzalendo. As a rule, vulgar language or attacks on other users will not be encouraged.
Only Kiswahili or English will be considered. At the moment, all our national legislation is in English. So English is highly encouraged so that we do not lose the point being made while interpreting.
Those who partner with Mzalendo will be credited accordingly.
We will send an email alert to all who contribute to a bill with annotations or commentry. We are working to offer alerts of bills that are related to a user's "county of interest". This will be an "opt-in" feature.